Animal Shelter Working To Raise Money For New Building

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- The Humane Society for Animals in Rogers is working to raise more money to start construction on a new building.

Clayton Morgan, the organization's director, said they plan to place the facility on the eight acres of land they purchased about nine years ago next to their current building.

They have the plans and would like to start construction in the summer.

Morgan explained though that there is still one thing they do not have.

“We’ve got $800,000 earmarked for the building," said Morgan."And in Northwest Arkansas that would have built the building. Not today. We are short $200,000."

Morgan said they will be hosting fund raising events over the next couple of months to get that last $200,000.

He said their current building has been around since the 1960's.

Morgan said making changes to the building now would be difficult, so instead they decided to building something new.

The humane society will continue to use the building.

Instead of using it as their main office area, Morgan said they will convert it to an emergency shelter area.

“If there is a tornado in Fort Smith or some neighboring county, or we get a puppy mill bust where someone has to house a bunch of dogs, we’ll have a place to house those dogs," Morgan said.

Another big change Morgan explained was all of the animals in the new space will be up for adoption.

He said there is some confusion because they have to hold animals for seven days before they can be adopted out.

Morgan hopes this new feature will cut down on that confusion.

He thanked everyone for the support over the past 22 years he has been there and asked people to continue helping them during this big change.

Morgan said anyone willing to help can call the shelter to find out how.