Flavors Where You Live: King Pizza

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For this week’s Flavors we are at a local hot spot, King Pizza let’s head inside and check things out!

Brent and Melissa Hutsell have taken a popular NWA favorite and made it their home,  or homes with both a Bentonville and Fayetteville location...

Previous owners, Jeff and Regina Sherwood ran the pizzeria before it was taken over by Brent and Melissa.

“Once we saw that it was a family run business that’s what we wanted to get into that’s why we decided to take the opportunity to buy King Pizza,” said Brent.

And Brent and Melissa have taken to the business instilling the same values as Jeff and Regina, but have really made it their own!

“They kind of built the legend you know of King Pizza in Fayetteville again, we wanted to pass that on to our kids and keep that going, we wanted to keep the nostalgia of what King Pizza is, what we do as a branding,  we want that to keep going as a family business,” said Brent.

And they are putting a bit of local flare on their wall space as well, with murals from local artists…

“She came to me and said you know I really want something to do, I want something to paint, so I told her we had plenty of wall space and to come on,” said Melissa.

Both are also very passionate about giving back in their community.

“Our mission is to be active in our communities, Fayetteville, Bentonville, anywhere that we are needed we will be happy to go,” said Melissa.

And that same passion is the key ingredient to their success as a business.

“Good ingredients, good quality, when people come in and eat with us and walk away we want them to be able to say I not only got what I paid for, I got more,” said Brent.

Gluten Allergy? No problem, King Pizza has perfected the dish so everyone can enjoy.

“I would be willing to say, I would put it against anybody’s anywhere in NWA we are the best gluten free pizza in NWA,” said Brent.

And their cinnamon rolls…

“They’ve got the right texture on the outside, but as you begin to take your fork and cut through it, it’s incredible,” said Brent.

“Very soft and tender,” said Melissa.

At their Bentonville location, they have a super buffet as well.

“So we have an appetizer, dessert, drink, salad, all of that great pizza, we don’t skimp on any of the quality for our pizza that’s on the buffet,” said Melissa.

When we say King has it’s regulars, we mean it.

“I’ve been eating King Pizza since my college days almost 40 years ago,” said Jim Lewis.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever had a bad experience around a pizza before,” said Melissa.

“Pizza is just what we happen to be serving people, people is our business,” said Brent.

For this week’s Flavors, I’m Megan Graddy

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