Family Faces Possible Deportation Due To New Executive Orders

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- A Bentonville pastor and her husband received a letter from Immigration and Customs Enforcement requesting a meeting.

Amanda and Juan Aristondos most recent stay of removal request was denied after the executive order was put into place, leaving the family eligible for deportation. With one of their daughters battling cancer, leaving her to fight alone is not an option the parents want to consider.

"When I hugged them this morning I felt I would hug them again," Amanda Aristondos said.

The mother of two fled Guatemala with her husband back in 2008. They filed an asylum request that was denied, so for the past nine years they've been filing stay of removals to remain legal.

Family and friends gathered outside of the office to support the Aristodos family as the waited for a verdict.

"Its a scary situation, knowing that this means that a family could be separated tears at your heart," family friend and church member Stephanie Red said.

Both Amanda and Juan left the building with smiling faces indicating a positive outcome. The couple filed a new stay of removal request and will know if it is approved within the week.


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