Two Teens Accidentally Shot After One Pulls Trigger While Sticking Gun In Waistband, Police Said

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MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM) -- Two 17-year-old boys were shot in the leg on Tuesday (March 14) after one of the teens accidentally pulled the trigger of a handgun while trying to stick it in the waistband of his pants.

The two friends were hiking through the woods northwest of W. John Wright Lane, just outside of Mountainburg city limits about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, according to a Mountainburg police report.

The boys' parents have given 5NEWS permission to use their names.

Connor Rogers had a a .22-caliber handgun, which he admits he took from the kitchen drawer while his father was at work. He said neither of their parents knew they had taken a gun.

"We decided to go home, and at that time I decided to put the gun in my pants," Rogers explained. "I'm guessing it hit the safety switch because I made sure the safety was on, but the police said don't trust the safety."

He said he accidentally pulled the trigger and a bullet hit him in the left thigh and his friend Kendall Seratt in the right shin. The boy who was hit in the shin said he thought the bullet was lodged in his leg.

Both boys were taken to Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith to get their wounds examined, and have since been released.

"We're glad these juveniles were not hurt badly," Police Chief Vincent Clamser said.

Seratt's mother said the bullet is still lodged in her son's right ankle, and they plan to see a specialist to figure out what to do next.

Rogers said he is grounded and has learned his lesson.

"I could have died, easy," Rogers said.

Meanwhile Mountainburg Police said they want to make something positive out of this and remind people about gun safety. They offer free gun locks to the public. Chief Clamser said anyone in the area is welcome to stop by the department and get one.


    • Rita Ivy-Gipson

      The kid didn’t have a gun until he took it without permission.
      A gun for home and self defense is useless if it’s locked up.
      You can’t watch a kid (especially teenagers) every minute.
      I grew up in a house full of guns, hand guns and long guns, and they were always loaded! I knew better than to touch ANY of those guns without my dad’s permission and I was taught respect and proper gun handling and safety.
      This is why parents should take time to teach their kids respect, set clear rules and use stricter discipline for kids growing up.
      This is why adults that don’t have a thorough knowledge and healthy respect for guns should not have them in their house.
      Just my honest opinion.

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