Teen Talks About Plans For Diamond Found In State Park

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CENTERON (KFSM) – Kalel Langford had just finished a school baseball tournament in Magnolia when he and his family decided to take a detour to the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park.

“I picked it up and gave it to my father and continued searching because I had not the slightest idea,” Kalel Langford said.

Langford said they were only at the park for fifteen minutes before he spotted the 7.44 carat rock.

“I was kind of shocked at first just because of how big it was,” he said.

Kalel's mom Michelle Langford said her husband held it up to the sun.

“We did kind of make a consensus that it was possible it was a diamond but I think just because of the size of it we had pretty much convinced ourselves it was more than likely not but we knew it was something we needed to get checked out before we left,” she said.

Langford said after several people looked at it from the state park they confirmed it wasn't just any old rock Kalel would be adding to his rock collection, but it was in a fact a diamond.

“Right now I'm thinking about keeping it and just keeping it somewhere safe...I may sell it later on but right now keep it as a souvenir,” he said.

Langford said this reassures them spending family times together and getting to make memories together at places like the state park are important.

“As a family just taking away that God blesses us in ways that we don't always see ahead of time,” she said.

Kalel named his diamond superman`s diamond since superman`s birth name is similar to his. His diamond is the largest brown diamond that's been found at the park in nearly 40 years.