Greenwood Police Department Donates Vehicle To Senior Center

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GREENWOOD (KFSM)- Seniors in Sebastian County will no longer have to worry about the future of the Meals on Wheels program from the Senior Activity Center after the Greenwood Police Department donated a vehicle to the center.

More than 80 seniors in the Greenwood area rely on Meals on Wheels, a service that's future was shaky until now.

"We've donated or allowed them to use a vehicle that we actually put out of service this year," Greenwood police chief, Will Dawson said. "Recently, the Senior Center ran into trouble with their vehicles are are now in need of two new vehicles.

The vehicle was originally scheduled to be sent to auction, but Dawson said his department would rather step in to make sure local seniors are taken care of.

"The seniors are a very important part of our community here and someone needs to take care of them," Dawson said. "A lot of these seniors would go without meals if they didn't have the Senior Center helping them out."

In addition to the vehicle donation, Greenwood officers are taking a step even further and raising money for decals.

"It's for the safety to know who is actually coming to the seniors' door," Dawson said. "So, we want to try to raise money for the decals for the side of the car that we've donated."

All of this to give back to the people Dawson said has helped to make Greenwood grow.

"They're apart of the history of Greenwood," Dawson said. "A lot of them are trying to deal with the rising cost in life and they don't have family to help them out. We don't want to see the Senior Center not be able to do their job."

The Senior Center also picks up people in the area for doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, and other necessary errands. Greenwood Police are working to gather donations to help with purchasing a new vehicle to continue those services along with Meals on Wheels.

If you would like to donate to the fundraiser for the Senior Center, Chief Dawson said you can stop by the Greenwood Police Department.

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