Companies Sue City Of Fort Smith Over River Valley Sports Complex Payment

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — The City of Forth Smith is being sued by four companies that were hired to help construct the River Valley Sports Complex.

The city ended a contract in February with a non-profit group to construct the River Valley Sports Complex. The city contributed $1.6 million to the project, which was only partially completed.

The suing parties are B&A Electric, Inc., Megehee Fence Contracting, LLC, Grimes Dozer Service, Inc., and James Griffith.

B&A Electric Inc. was contracted by the River Valley Sports Complex group to do the electrical work. The electric company said it completed the lights, light poles, electric service and concession stands.They are seeking payment of about $151,000.

Megehee Fence Contracting said they were hired to provide certain fencing materials and labor on the field complex. They said they are owed $14,926.

Grimes Dozer Service was contracted to provide ground-clearing services on the field complex. They said they provided quality dirt work and labor and otherwise complied with all the requirements under the parties’ agreement. They are seeking payment of $12,977.

James Griffith was hired to provide framing and construction services on the field complex. Griffith stated he provided quality framing materials, construction and labor. Griffith said he is owed $20,337.

The lawsuit states that the plaintiffs demand a trial by jury. Mayor Sandy Sanders was included as a defendant in the lawsuit.