Improvement Citizens Wanted For “10-15 Years” Coming To An Arkansas City

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ALMA (KFSM) — A city in our area will soon be a lot safer, thanks to the installation of a few sidewalks.

It’s something the city has been pushing for for “10-15 years,” according to Alma Mayor Keith Greene.

Now, the wait is almost over.

A restructuring of the city’s streets and sidewalks may soon make foot-traffic smoother.

“We’re clawing our way into the 21st century,” laughed Greene.

“When we get our sidewalk projects done through Maple Shade (Road), Collum Lane, the Boys and Girl’s Club and the bridge over the railroad path, we’ll have a paved path in this city for safe, easy foot-traffic.”

With all those projects, the southeast portion of the city will be connected to the northwest portion of the city; leaving long-time residents like John Tribulak extremely happy.

“This property has been in my family for nearly 60 years.”

“Sidewalks were a request for a long time,” he later said.

Tribulak also said the restructured sidewalks will cut down traffic downtown and improve quality of life for citizens.

“I like walking a lot and I look forward to being able to walk to the post office and exercise,” he said.

Three of the city’s four schools will be connected by sidewalks, too.

“And as far as the Boys and Girl’s Club is concerned, it makes it safer for the kids to get to the club without having to walk in a street through traffic.”

And near that Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Greene explained there’s two bridges being built.

“It’s the relocation of Highway 162,” he said, “It will allow emergency vehicles a clear path to any part of the city.”

“Before, if you had an emergency in town, if a train was coming through, traffic was just slowed down.”

Greene estimates the bridges will be complete by the end of May while the sidewalks will be completed by fall.

“It’s an exciting time for the city and people,” Greene exclaimed.

Tribulak confirms, he’s excited. He said he’s healthy.

“I wanna keep it that way,” he laughed.

He hopes the increased exercise will help him stay that way.

Greene says the city was able to secure grants to do all of this. The state is also helping fund part of the project.

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