Possible Cure For Sepsis Discovered

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A doctor's quick thinking and a stroke of luck may be responsible for his discovery of a possible cure for sepsis.

Sepsis is the third leading cause of death in the US and its survival rate is low.

Doctor Paul Marik said he used to lose one to two patients to sepsis every week, that's before January of 2016 when he says he stumbled onto a treatment that worked.

He tried a combination of vitamin C and steroids on a woman close to death.

“We gave it to her not expecting anything to happen and I went home expecting she would pass away,” said Marik. “Oh my gosh what just happened there,” said Marik.

Days later she left the intensive care unit for a full recovery.

Dr Marik said he's used the treatment on several other gravely ill patients and they survived.

Its effects are far-reaching and he says it will save countless lives.

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