4th Annual Archaeology Day Celebration

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Archaeology Day kicked off in Fayetteville with plenty of prehistoric tools and hands-on activities for the entire family to enjoy.

For the past four years the Arkansas Archaeological survey team has celebrated the state holiday with programs and museum tours.

"This gives us all an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of the past and how it's important for understanding what we do today and what we know how to do," said Survey Director Dr. George Sabo.

To help people get a real life feel for the prehistoric time period there were plenty of hands on activities and displays for everyone to enjoy.

Participants could play some of the first musical instruments and watch flintknapping up close.

"It's very important to to keep the past alive so that the kids know their history and where we all kind of came from," said mom Stephanie Barrett. She brought her family along to enjoy the exhibits and have artifacts they found in their backyard analyzed.

The month-long celebration will wrap up with a rare tour of the collection room in the University of Arkansas's museum.

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  • Scramus (@Scramus1)

    You can work with the materials that are depicted without the legal ramifications and all. To actually possess any artifact that one would happen upon in the woods is now put under legal scrutiny. Especially with Indian relics or pottery, it is not Indiana Jones prevailing at the movies anymore.

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