Springdale Passes Code For Downtown Revitalization

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- Tuesday night the Springdale City Council approved a new form-based code that is aimed at helping the revitalization efforts for downtown.

Patsy Christie, the city director of planning and community development, said this new code will replace the current zoning ordinance for properties between Huntsville and Caudle Avenues and 71B and Highway 265.

“This is a real turning point for Springdale and a way to give us an opportunity to help bring revitalization to downtown," Christie said. "Some of us have been working on it a really long time and it’s really exciting to see this happen.”

She explained that this code will help set in motion the community's vision they established about a year ago when they created the downtown master plan.

The city's ultimate goal is to bring back the downtown that Christie called vibrant.

To do that, the new code will focus on one thing with new developers.

“What the properties look and how the development looks from the streetscape side of it rather than of the particular uses inside the building," Christie said.

The code will go into effect once it is signed.

Christie said the city anticipates that projects will start up soon but continued to say that it may take some time.

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