Court Clears Fort Smith School Board Of Wrongdoing In FOIA Lawsuit

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Arkansas Court of Appeals sided with a Sebastian County circuit court's decision to throw out a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Fort Smith School District on Wednesday (March 29).

The lawsuit alleged that the school board violated FOIA laws when holding meetings to change the school mascot and fight song. However, the court found no evidence of wrongdoing by the board, and that the Sebastian County Circuit Court was correct in their decision to throw out the lawsuit in 2015.

The appeal was filed by Joey McCutchen on behalf of June Bradshaw in March 2016.

"I am very disappointed and shocked by this opinion. I think it will gut our Freedom of Information Act and we we will also ask for a review by the Supreme Court," McCutchen said.

The Fort Smith school board is also in another FOIA lawsuit filed by Joey McCutchen. They rejected settling the lawsuit in February 2017, and that will also head to court.