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Fort Smith Woman Faces Charges Following Animal Cruelty Investigation

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Susie Robbins is facing charges following an animal cruelty investigation that police said started in December of 2016.

According to an arrest report, officers found more than a dozen dehydrated and malnourished dogs at Robbins' home on North 14th St.

"From the street, you could actually see their ribs," Jade Stanley, Fort Smith Police Department Animal Control animal warden said. "You could tell they were pretty well emaciated."

Police returned to the home a week later to find three more cats in the same condition. Police said they believe Robbins left the animals at the home.

"She was staying there," Stanley said. "That's what neighbors told us. But, she though she was gonna get evicted and left them there."

After seeing the condition of the animals, some were taken to the Sebastian County Human Society for care and others were given a new home from officers.

"I actually took home three [dogs]," Stanley said. "They were in critical condition, which is why we ended up taking them in the first place. No one was home, no one would come to the door. So, my partner and I decided for their care, they were gonna die there."

While animal control said these types of incidents do happen, Stanley said they're not common.

"We don't have a lot of big scale cases like this," Stanley said. "We do have quite a bit of animal cruelty calls, but something like 15 animals abandoned at a house, no."

According to the arrest report, Robbins claims the dogs do not belong to her.

Robbins is facing charges including cruelty to animals, allowing a dog to run at large, and operating a kennel without a license.

Animal control said all of the puppies that were taken from the home have made a full recovery and are being prepared to be adopted from the shelter.

The Fort Smith Police Department Animal Control urges people to call the department if they suspect animal abuse.