Free Prom Dress Giveaway To Be Hosted In Van Buren

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) – Prom is right around the corner for a lot of high schools, and many girls are looking for the perfect gown, but might not be able to afford it. Normally, prom dresses can cost as much as $100 to $200 in some department stores. However, this weekend high school students are getting the chance to get a beautiful gown for free.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect dress that fits just right, or looking to donate a dress that's in good shape, you can get involved this week during the “Once Upon a Prom Dress Giveaway.”

Former Van Buren High School students started this as a school project six years ago. Even though they’ve gone off to college, the two students have kept the tradition going.

At the beginning, they had a total of 20 dresses donated, but now more than 400 dresses have been stored away and will be given away for free on Saturday, April 1st to area high school students in need.

“The girls are able to pick out a dress that is free of charge as long they’re in need and they cannot afford a dress,” said organizer Kimberly Tursky. According to Tursky, "We don’t require any information or any proof of age, but we do ask that you truly be in need.”

The event is only for girls ages 14 to 19 that can’t afford to purchase a prom dress.

They’ll have long and short gowns from sizes 0 to 26.

“We have mom’s that are crying, and we have girls that can’t stop smiling because they’re so grateful,” said Tursky. “They didn’t know if they were able to go to prom because they couldn’t afford a dress,” she adds.

The “Once Upon a Prom Dress Giveaway” is happening at the Heritage United  Methodist Church from 12 p.m. to  4 p.m. Saturday.

If you have a prom dress in good condition to donate, you have until Friday (March 31) to do so. You can contact Kimberly at (479) 208-0063.