Greg Smith River Trail Expands To Five Miles

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Whether you're a cyclist or just wanting to enjoy the outdoors, the Greg Smith River Trail now has a total of five miles of opportunity after a new expansion.

"It speaks to people who wanna walk a dog or push a baby carriage or someone who wants to change their life," cyclist, Bill Hanna said.

The trail is named after the late, Greg Smith, founder of the Park Partners of Fort Smith. His fellow cyclists and friends said he would be proud of what Smiths' original efforts have lead to.

"He's smiling here today," cyclist and friend, Bob Robinson said. "I used to work with him on [the trail] years ago. We started hauling shell out here and he got some of his friends to bring railroad ties out here. We did that years ago. He was really dedicated to this, so he'd be really happy."

"Greg and I went way back," Sandy Sanders, mayor of Fort Smith said. "He started most of the trails in Fort Smith. The River Train here is named after him. He was out here with his lawnmower and weed-eater himself building a trail along the river, so I think he would be pleased to see the results of what he started."

With even more miles of trail along the Arkansas River, visitors are getting an even better outdoor experience.

"I look at the river differently now," Hanna said. "The river from our vantage point has always been from a bridge in a car and it's a moment in time and then you're going somewhere else. When you come here and look at the river, you focus on the river."

Cyclists said they predict even more miles added to the trail in the future.

"Just imagine what it would be like to ride 20 miles and not stop or 30 miles and not stop or 50 miles and not stop," Hanna said. "You could go from the south side of town to the north side of town."

The new parts of the trail are now open to the public.