Boozman, Cotton Share Support Of U.S. Airstrike Against Syria

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WASHINGTON (KFSM) — After the U.S. sent missiles to a Syrian airbase, U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton shared their support for President Donald Trump’s decision.

On Friday (April 7) Boozman released the following statement:

“In carrying out another chemical attack on innocent civilians, Bashar al-Assad has clearly violated international law. Limited, swift and decisive action was required to deter further brutality and show that these types of inhumane attacks will not be tolerated. Moving forward, the administration must engage with Congress to seek approval for further action. As I have said since 2013, we need a strategic plan that details U.S. military and diplomatic involvement, and outlines, most importantly, the end goal for the region and our allies.”

Tom Cotton released a statement about the airstrike late Thursday night (April 6):

“I think the president ought to consider that kind of military action. I strongly supported military action against Syria in 2013 when they violated Barack Obama’s red line using chemical weapons against their own people. The president decided against it and we’ve seen what happened since then. Dozens of chlorine gas attacks, the massacres in Aleppo last fall with Russian air power, and now another atrocity against their own people. These are not just moral outrages. This is the exact kind of thing that drives Arab muslims into the hands of the islamic state and threaten the United States. So in terms of military action, the president obviously will listen to his commanders. He will have a wide range of options. Those options don’t have to include trying to change the regime in Syria immediately or establish a constitutional democracy there.”

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