Local Man From Syria Praises President Trump’s Decision To Launch An Airstrike

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FORT SMITH ( KFSM) -- A local man who is the leader of a mosque in Fort Smith is speaking out about the airstrike in Syria.

Hisham Yasin is keeping close contact with his friends and family who live in Syria. He is following the news and watching the video of what's going on there.

"Syria opened her door for me and my family when we came out from Palestine," Yasin said.

Yasin said he remembers a more peaceful Syria and is saddened by the current war.

President Trump ordered an overnight air strike in Syria. It was in response to Tuesday's (April 4) chemical attack on civilians.

"Mr. Trump with this air strike shows America is great again," he said.

The president's decision is one that Yasin said his friends and family in Syria are finding hopeful in ending a 6-year long civil war.

"I hope. I hope that things continue and finish this because they are tired. It's not that big but it's in the right direction to stop the control of Russia, Iran and all other helper for Assad regime," Yasin said.

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