City Of Springdale To Vote On Taking Over Senior Center

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – The Springdale senior center is a place for seniors to gather for conversation and a hot meal, but sustaining a place like this costs money and requires consistency. That’s why the executive director approached the city to take over operations.

The Springdale senior center has served 11,000 meals to seniors since July of 2016. They’ve served 12,000 meals through the meals on wheels program.

Rozella Scott celebrated her 100th birthday at the Springdale senior center last week.

“We just have a good time. We play bunco and we play bingo. We dance and I dance with this,” she said.

Scott serves as a volunteer and started 17 years ago, after her husband died.

“I think it keeps you motorized you know and keeps you going...keeps your mind you know, you don't just sit at home and think,” she said.

The center helps people like Janice Davis, who said it's where she gets to hang out with friends.

“Sometimes it's lonely and you want to meet new people. It's like a big family. We share our differences with each other, we accept each other and it just makes life a lot easier,” Davis said.

Right now, the center if funded half by state and federal agencies and the other half by private funding.

Melissa Reeves with the city said they could give the center a sense of security.

“They'll get that consistency that comes along with being in a city department and not having to worry about dealing with different requirements from state and federal agencies,” she said.

Reeves doesn't expect a takeover would cost the city any money this year, since they get enough private funding to offset expenses. The Springdale City Council will vote to take over the senior center at a meeting at 6 p.m. on April 11th. There's an opportunity for public input.