Police Say Not Much Can Be Done About Homeless Tent Community

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- The University of Arkansas Police Department currently does not have a solution to the homeless tent community located on their property.

Captain Gary Crain said they placed posts in the area years ago saying that no camping was allowed.

When that didn't work, they would have to run people off the property, but Crain said they would only come right back.

“The only thing that’s left then is to arrest them and if they’re locked up, when they’re out on bail they go right back to the same thing," Crain said. "So that’s not a solution, it's ineffective.”

Some who live in that community, like David Beckham, said if they did have to leave, there is not really any other safe place for them to go.

He said they just want to feel comfortable wherever they may be, but that doesn't mean the current community is completely safe.

“It can be dangerous at times, you know, especially when you’re by yourself," Beckham said. "People try to band together. Me, I have a lot of confrontations with people so I try to stay to myself.”

Another resident of the tent community called himself "Hatrick Patrick."

He chose to camp but lives away from the community because he said not all homeless are good.

Beckham said it is a lot of work to be homeless. Some of them carry many of their possessions out of fear that they would be stolen by others.

Captain Crain said there are groups working to find a solution to the homeless problem and that police officers are even included in those groups.

Crain said this problem is not specific to Fayetteville.

He said it is a problem many communities are looking into.


  • Randy Ingle

    I have a solution-build small houses for the homeless like many other communities have done around America! And those small houses don’t cost that much!

    • Darrell Cravens

      It is a good idea. These are human beings that need help.
      Local high schools could build these little house as part of a vo-tech project.
      All that would be needed is for someone to furnish them with the materials.

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