Two Teenagers Facing Charges After Allegedly Waving A Gun At People

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) — Two Springdale teenagers are facing charges of aggravated assault and carrying a weapon after allegedly being involved in an incident on Friday night (April 7).

Police responded to the intersection of Spring and West at about 11:30 p.m. for a report of an armed subject. Witnesses told police that armed individuals were in a white Honda Accord.

The passenger of the suspect vehicle, Bradley Thompson, 18, allegedly retrieved a pistol and started waving it in the air in the direction of the victims. Thompson then handed the pistol to the driver, Martin Garcia-Ochoa, 18.

Garcia-Ochoa allegedly took the pistol and “racked the slide to load it” and then pointed the gun to the victims.

The report states while the officers were obtaining statements they noticed two males running in their direction. The two males ran directly to the suspect vehicle.

The male on the passengers side of the vehicle was identified as Thompson and the male on the driver’s side of the vehicle was identified as Garcia-Ochoa.

An officer said he had noticed Thompson was holding his waist band while he was running to the car and the officer performed a Terry Frisk. Thompson stated he did not have anything on him. The officer noticed a pistol tucked into his waist band.

Thompson only stated he had been “getting drunk in the club.” Garcia-Ochoa admitted to consuming alcohol and driving the vehicle. The report states both insisted they were not involved in the altercation.

They were both transported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Thompson was charged with public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, carry a weapon, aggravated assault, possession of controlled substance schedule 6 and possession of drug paraphernalia. Garcia-Ochoa was charged with public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, carrying a weapon, aggravated assault and first-degree criminal mischief.