District’s Experiment With Different Style Of Teaching Seeing Positive Response

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- While the kids at Fairview Elementary lounge around with their fancy laptops and yoga-balls for chairs, one classroom there is taking in a fancy new learning style, too.

A team of specialists with the Fort Smith school district approached fourth grade teacher, Michelle Henslee about experimenting with integrated teaching.

"Teachers are used to doing everything in isolation; 'here's our reading time, science time, writing time,'" she explained, "And with this, it's just all intertwined together."

Henslee meets with specialists weekly to discuss the concept -- making tweaks along the way.

"The specialists and facilitators are wanting to take this throughout this school. They want to get more teachers on board to start this next year," Henslee said.

Their hope, as Henslee explains, is to have the concept gradually spread throughout the district.

"The more teachers that do it, the easier it'll catch on," she said, "And the more willing teachers will be to start putting it into practice."

She says the reaction from the kids makes for the data gained in the district's experiment with the style.

One student told 5NEWS the style is different, "but in a good way."

From Henslee's perspective, the students love it.