Police Arrest Suspect Accused Of Assault, Threatening Woman With Gun Near Fayetteville High School

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Police arrested a man who was accused of threatening and pointing a gun at a couple at an apartment complex near Fayetteville High School on Thursday night (April 13).

Wiley Lee Jr., 61, of Fayetteville, is facing felony charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, second degree battery and aggravated assault, according to a preliminary report.

Police responded to University Apartments after receiving reports that a man was holding a woman hostage around 8:20 p.m., the report states. The man, who was later identified as Lee, demanded that the woman give him $100 and not call the cops. He had a handgun, which he pointed at both the woman and her husband.

Sgt. Craig Stout of the Fayetteville Police Department said the suspect tried to drag the victim to his truck after an argument. However, the woman was able to get away with a minor puncture wound on her hand. She was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center.

Investigators found a magazine for a Taurus .380 handgun with five rounds in it near where the woman had initially been assaulted.

When officers arrived, they spotted a white truck pulling away that matched the description given by witnesses and the victims. They eventually caught up to the vehicle and found it was registered to Lee. However, the driver was released shortly afterward.

At the hospital, the woman picked Lee’s image out of a photo lineup and identified him as the man who assaulted her.

Later officers went to Lee’s residence on N. Bellagio, where they spotted a white truck in the driveway. After talking on the phone for a while, Lee eventually agreed to come out of his home. The report states that Lee had possible blood stains on the cuffs of his shirt.

Lee was taken to the Washington County Detention Center.