Ozark Mountain Ziplines At Eureka Springs

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas, we visited Ozark Mountain Zipline at Eureka Springs, where we flew by the seat of our pants!

General Manager, Will Wall, takes their slogan very seriously.

“Kind of we thought was a humorous comparison on the t-shirts “Come Fly By the Seat of Your Pants, because literally you are flying by the seat of your pants in the harness across the canopy,” said Wall.

Wall’s family moved from North Carolina to start the business in partnership with a family friend who builds zip lines all across the country, based off of the Costa Rican canopies.

“We thought this would be a great location in the Ozark mountains actually offer the right terrain for building a zip line as you saw on the zip line it works out very well.. I think when people come in here they like that we are a family business,” said Wall.

Wall said their business compliments the Eureka Springs environment.

“So we feel like that we are not only in the town feeding off of all of the other tourist and businesses that have been ongoing for a decade, but we are also contributing to the town it just makes the dynamics great for everyone,” said Wall

The lines are open and April is a great time to go!

“It’s warmer than March all of the budding trees, the redbuds, the dogs woods are in full bloom and the leaves are coming out on the trees so it gives you more of a canopy feel and it’s less crowded,” said Wall.

The 1st few cables are short, low to the ground, and nice practice run…

“It gives you a chance to acclimate before we throw you on the big longs cables and you hit high speeds,” said Wall.

And it’s friendly for all ages.

“We are one of the few zip lines that zip kids three and up, it makes a family bonding situation that family remember for years and years and years,” said Wall.

And they mean all ages.

“Oh we have had two 95 year old ladies,” said Wall.

And Trip Advisors’ ratings reveal they are the best in the country!

“I challenge anyone to find a zip line with better reviews than ours, we are five star rates, we’ve looked all around on the internet and we can’t find a zip line that has better reviews,” said Walls.

This adventure allows you to take in the full outdoor experience, from new heights.

“Let them see first-hand how wonderful nature is in itself, but then you add the thrill of zipping through the tree tops, you know at 40 mph,” said Wall.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

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