Sharum’s Garden Center Tips: Open House Weekend

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It’s Open House Weekend at Sharum’s Garden Center and Frank Sharum is inviting everyone out to celebrate by having hotdogs, popcorn, and free sodas.

The nursery just received their first shipment of tropical flowers and they are gorgeous!

“We get our tropicals from Florida where they are grown in the sun, that’s pretty important because the chain stores get them mass produced from a shade house and when you take them home, the leaves burn on them,” said Sharum.

Tropicals take different amounts of sunlight, so feel free to ask a specialist at the garden center about the best care for your plants and flowers.

Frank said the key to keeping the tropical flowers looking healthy is to use miracle grow or a liquid fertilizer so they will grow and bloom like they have been in Florida.

Frank also said they will be having a sale on knock out roses. They are a bright and vibrant red and Frank said they are more colorful than he has ever seen in previous years.

Join Frank Sharum at Sharum’s Garden Center April 15th and 16th for their Open House for excellent sales and food for the family.

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