Arkansas Will Not Allow Taped Recordings Of Executions

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GRADY, Ark. (KFSM) -- There has been nonstop controversy surrounding the execution process in Arkansas.

A judge ruled on Wednesday that the state will not be able to use one of the drugs involved in the execution process, stopping the upcoming executions altogether. But, if the state is able to proceed with the executions media outlets will no longer be able to document the execution and the state will no longer record the process.

Without video or noted documentation State Representative Greg Leding said he is concerned about the lack of transparency. He specifically points to recent executions gone wrong in Oklahoma and Arizona.

"Sometimes things do go wrong. We've seen botched executions in Oklahoma and Arizona recently, I think we want to make sure that if God forbid something bad happens that there's a record there and we know what might've happened," Leding said.

On the other hand, is the downside of technology said State Representative Charlie Collins. He worries that a privacy breech is bound to happen due to social media.

"For something to get out as a video on one of these social media sites is a real problem. I don't think whether it's the victims family or the executed person that it's good for them to have to worry about that," Collins said.

As for transparency, Collins said the eyewitness testimony is more than enough documentation. However, electing to tape executions isn't unusual and is still allowed in Texas.

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