Mulberry River Float Trip With Turner Bend

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas, we went floating on the Mulberry River, Turner Bend guided us down the river for a personal tour and experience.

“Well right now is prime time here on the Mulberry,” said Brad Wimberly owner and manager of Turner Bend.

Wimberly said people come from all over to enjoy aqua green waters.

“Right now we have people from New Orleans, we have two groups from Kansas City, lots of locals, two other groups coming from Louisiana they will be here in a day or two, people from Oklahoma, I mean right now is prime time for the Mulberry,” said Wimberly.

And Wimberly said this is just the beginning of the rush.

"People just flock here when the conditions are right you know they are coming by the bundles, like last Saturday the water was a little low, but golly everybody was having a great time and hopefully we have a lot of that ahead of us here,” said Wimberly.

Wimberly said to know your skill level and plan accordingly for your river adventure.

“Before coming here people need to check the water level, we post it on our website you can also find it on the Arkansas canoe club website.. if the Mulberry is up like it might be this weekend if it rains it’s not for beginners” said Wimberly.

But the experience is one of a kind.

“You might come back with a skinned knee or a scratch on your arm or you might have lost your shirt or something like that, but you are going to go home with a story to tell,” said Wimberly.

And with all that fun, he encourages people to be safe!

“Well wear your life jacket or have it right there where you can grab it, you cannot tie it in the boat or you will get a ticket, but it’s just good common sense to wear your life jacket,” said Wimberly.

Turner Bend is a small operation, but Wimberly said he likes it that way.

“I mean I’ve ran 5 shuttles myself today and I’m the owner so you know getting to meet the customers and that’s what it’s all about here,” said Wimberly.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy.

For more information about Turner Bend, click here!

For the river level conditions, click here!

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