New Procedure To Correct Vision Is Now Available In Northwest Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The biggest advancement in laser vision correction since the 1990s is now available in Northwest Arkansas.

The FDA recently approved the Smile procedure and Brandon Hartung was one of the first patients in the state to get the procedure.

Hartung said he’s excited to not have to worry about contacts of glasses like he’s done for the last two decades. Especially since he travels across the world shooting video and helping missionaries.

“I’ve known about Lasik for a long time so I was interested in that alone and then when I came here and they were telling me about this new procedure and how they don’t have to cut as much around the eye, that’s obviously a plus,” he said.

Vold Vision’s Dr. Steven Vold said what makes the Smile procedure different from Lasik is instead of making a big flap, they make a pocket.
He said they make a very tiny incision shaped like a smile.

“The laser will basically cut out a small lenticular of corneal tissue, kind of like a wood lay where you are making a little sliver of tissue, you make the pocket and then you gently pull out the tissue and we can customize that based on your prescription,” Vold said.

Vold said this procedure is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field in the last 20 years.

“To be part of that and the thing that gets me all excited is not so much us but being able to offer that to our patients because at the end of the day if we have happy patients, then I’m ecstatic, he said.

The whole procedure just takes a few minutes and the laser does the job in about 30 seconds. The recovery time on the new Smile procedure is about a day.

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