UAPD, Whataburger Hold Event To Raise Money For New Bite Suit Used In K9 Officer Training

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Whataburger and the University of Arkansas Police Department worked together on Thursday night (April 20) to raise funds for K9 officers.

The O Whata Night event donated 20 percent of all sales at the MLK location to the department.

Kim Kannarr, the Northwest Arkansas Whataburger marketing coordinator said she was talking to the officers not too long ago and learned about the many costs they have taking care of the K9 officers.

“I asked if it was off budget, if it was something off in the university budget or if it was their own," Kannarr said. "They said it was pretty much their own budget and because of that I said you know we do a fundraiser and I would love to see if you guys would like to have us do that.”

UAPD explained that many of those costs simply go to maintenance.

“These dogs have to eat specialized food, they have to see specialized veterinarians especially for their teeth," Crime Prevention Officer Gabriel Golden said. "Most dogs aren’t required to have as much dental work because most dogs aren’t allowed to bite. These dogs are trained, or most of them are trained to do that kind of thing so some of those costs can really add up.”

One specific item on their list was a new bite suit for officers to wear when training the dogs to take down a dangerous suspect.

The one they currently have has been in their possession for about seven years and was already about nine years old when the department first got it.

Golden said sometimes biting is a part of a K9 officers job and they need one of these suits.

After years of training, the suit will get worn and those in it can feel the teeth of the dog.

Golden said it was nice to see Whataburger reach out and lend a hand to help them get that new suit.

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