Arkansas Football Preps for Red-White Game

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)--The culmination of spring football is nearly upon us; the Red-White Game. Arkansas fans have had to wait a little longer than most. The Hogs will be the last team in the SEC to play their spring football game. Coach Bret Bielema says there's a method to the madness

"We develop our kids a little longer, I really believe in an eight week winter program which always puts our spring game as one of the last."

As for the format of the game itself, the construction in the north end zone means things will look a little different

"The scrimmage will go all that one way, so the flow of the scrimmage will be a little unique in that regard. But the ones will be all traditional scoring, and the twos or threes when they're in there against the ones there scores will double. We'll have rapid fire field goals at the end of the first and end of the third quarter. First half I plan on being pretty good, traditional football, and we'll see where we're at at halftime and make some adjustments and go from there"

Coach Bielema feels that having both starting units on the field at once will be most productive in the long run.

"The reason I go ones against the world is I want that continuity to develop. Our one offense and our one defense works against each other, we don't vary from that too often, and I think that's a positive step"

Really, the Red-Game exists to build excitement, and give fans a glimpse of their beloved Hogs

"If you're a fan and you love it, you're a parent and you don't get to see your kid play all that much, then it's a big deal. It's just kind of a glorified practice for us."

The Red-White game will take place at Razorback Stadium at noon on Saturday, April 29.