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High School Students Clean Creek

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Students from various clubs at Fayetteville High School spent Sunday (April 23) morning picking up trash by Mullins Creek.

ASTRA, a club dedicated to community service, and the school's Green Team worked together to accomplish this goal.

Jennifer Cale the president of ASTRA said this is something they do each year.

She said they try to do it on Earth Day, but were unable to due to weather this year.

Cale explained they usually have a large group of people helping each year.

Her club hopes to use tasks like these to cause bigger change.

"We definitely believe in starting small and supporting the small things so we can hold up the big things in life," said Cale. "It starts with a rinky dink creek, you know. We believe that if you start small, you just build that momentum and you think, 'well why can’t we go bigger?'”

She was happy to see both groups come together to help their community.

As the school year comes to a close, Cale said their next task is to determine new officers for the group.

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