Trained Snipers From Around World Compete In Fort Chaffee

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FORT CHAFFEE (KFSM) -- An international competition brought snipers from around the world right here to our area.

The 46th annual Winston P. Wilson Sniper Competition tested the versatility, endurance and overall skill of snipers at Fort Chaffee's Joint Maneuver Training Center.

"We hold it here because we have a lot more ranges to work with and weapons to choose from we can shoot with," explained staff sergeant Bradley Fryar.

From Poland, Denmark, Italy and Canada came school trained snipers from different backgrounds and skill levels.

"You've got experience and inexperience. You've got guys who know about equipment, and guys who don't know."

The eclectic group went through every challenge exchanging new ideas and perspectives throughout the competition. All of those competitions were comprised of different challenges requiring different skills.

"You can't just be shooting a long gun and claim to be a sniper."

"We have national guard here which we trained," continued Fryar.

But the competition serves as a test of that training.

"What makes a sniper a sniper?" Asked Fryar, "Field craft."

Training that makes a sniper a sniper.

The competition runs through this Thursday (April 27).

It is hosted by the U.S. Army National Guard Sniper School and National Guard Marksmanship Training Center.

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