War Eagle Mill Prepares For Possible Flooding

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- The employees of War Eagle Mill spent part of their time on Wednesday moving items from the first floor to the second in case of possible flooding.

The mill contains food products, furniture and mill equipment on the first floor.

“We have precautionary things that we do," said Johnice Cross. "So we make sure that our truck is down there to load up stuff, we clear out freezer space, you know try to get some things ready. Make sure we have packing material down there.”

Cross is a director at the mill and said they hope the water does not get high enough to flood the first level even if they moved everything.

In 2015, that part of the mill was damaged by flood waters.

She said it damaged walls and other parts of the building so much that they had to rebuild part of it.

If the water got to any of the items they moved, it could mean destroyed products for the mill.

“Well we have flood insurance but it does not cover the products inside," Cross said. "So those would have to be what we call scrapped from inventory and it would be at a loss.”

An employee at the mill said it takes about 17 to 18 feet of water to reach the first floor.

Even though the water did not get that high Wednesday, it is still a waiting game for the mill.

The mill is closed until the water recedes.

Cross said she is unsure when they will open again, but explained they will make a post on their Facebook page when they know more.


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