Parents Of Missing Boater React To “Emotional” Week After Son’s Body Found

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LEFLORE COUNTY(KFSM) -- The parents of the missing boater whose body was found on Thursday (Apr. 27) night are speaking out about their week full of tragedy.

After several days of searching, the body of William Farhat was recovered after his family's boat capsized in Leflore County.

"I don't know what I'll be able to do without them," William Farhat, father said. "I lost my son and my first grandson."

After losing their grandson Physher, 6, in the boating accident and searching for their son and daughter-in-law, William Farhat's parents said they now feel a sense of relief.

"It was hard not knowing where he was at," Christina Farhat, mother said. "But to know that we have him now and to know even that he's gone, at least we have answers. If not, we would always wander these shores wondering was he just laying somewhere or what's what. For now, we know and that puts the little bit of closure to at least that."

Christina recalls the night her son's boat capsized in the Arkansas River.

"I never slept that whole first night at all," Christina said. "Your adrenaline runs good and bad. You have hope, but you still try to mentally prepare for whatever is coming at you."

They said William was a family man who loved the outdoors.

"They were so excited about getting to go on the boat," Christina said. "He just was insistent that that was the day he was gonna go out there. He just wanted to take his boys and his wife out there."

His dad said his son was unlike any other.

"We did everything together," William said. "We went hunting together, we fished, we did everything together. It's gonna be hard for me missing him."

In their minds, the Farhat family said they are trying to make sense of the past week, but said they've found some silver linings.

"I hadn't been to the river yet," Christina said. "I couldn't go to the river yet. I told [my husband], I have to go to the river."

She went to the river near the Garrison Bridge, the same area where William would be recovered.

"Then within hours, someone spotted our son on the bridge," Christina said.

Now the Farhat family turns to their faith, holding on to hope that their daughter-in-law, Kristy is found.

"We're hoping especially before the storms come that they're able to locate her," Christina said.

Crews are continuing to search the banks and in the water for Kristy. With heavy rain and flooding in the forecast for the coming days, officials said they may not be able to search on water through the weekend.

The Farhat family said they are thankful for the outpouring love and support from the community and beyond.

Their grandson, Physher's funeral was held Friday (Apr. 28) afternoon at Singleton Elementary School in Arkoma.

William and Christina said their grandson, Weston, 4, who made it out of the accident on his own and climbed the river embankment to safety, is doing well and has gone back to school.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family. To find out how you can help, click here.

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