Siloam Springs Looks to Add to Soccer Dynasty

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) - Every team is motivated by the thought of winning a championship. For the girls at Siloam Springs those thoughts are a little more concrete, less abstract.

"There's nothing better than winning a state championship, that feeling when the whistle blows and you know you've won, that's just like motivation," says Anna Claire Lewis, Senior Goalie.

It's a feeling many on the team know well. The Panthers have won the last three state titles, which means no one on this year's squad has ever ended a season with a loss. Coach Brent Crenshaw knows that can only help.

"Just to have that experience, that's something you can't relate in practice, in conference games"

Other than constant winning, the program has largely been in a state of constant change. Panther Stadium only opened last year, the same time that Coach Crenshaw took over the program as the third coach in as many years. Because of that, they've relied on senior leadership to provide continuity for the team, a concept echoed by Lewis.

"We've really kind of seen it all, we've had, I think he's our third coach in three years. We've been here through it all, and sometimes coaches stay and leave and it's just hard sometimes, but we stick together and that's part of being a team."

Audrey Maxwell, who set the school record for goals in a season, adds "Yeah we have great coaches every year and they always have great tips and plays for us but we have to ultimately go out and do it ourselves."

So much past success can sometimes be a burden for the current team says Crenshaw.

"It does put a lot of pressure on the kids, we try not to talk about it a whole lot. WE try to just talk about what we can do to get better on the field but i Know it weighs on them."

This year's team has already set a school record for wins, and they'll try to add to that against El Doarado in the conference semi finals Thursday. They are already guaranteed a spot in the state tournament