A League Of Their Own Cast Teams Up For Reunion Game

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- As a part of the Bentonville Film Festival, cast from the 1992 movie A League Of Their Own came together for another game.

They along with members of the original Rockford Peaches attended the event.

The cast members included Megan Cavanagh, Anne Ramsay and Renée Coleman.

All of them said they were very excited to see so many people at the Arvest Ballpark 25 years after their movie was released.

They know though that none of this, not even their movie, would have been possible without the original Peaches.

Since the cameras stopped rolling, some of the cast have been working to give girls the opportunity to play baseball like the Rockford Peaches did in the 1940's.

They say it seems like they are finally getting close to accomplishing this.

Maybelle Blair also attended the event along with some of her fellow players from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

She had this one piece of advice for other young girls who have similar dreams.

“Whatever you do, follow your dream no matter what it is because if you work hard enough, you’re going to make it," Blair said.

A few celebrities who spent the past week at the film festival also attended the reunion game.

Filmmaker Aisha Tyler said the movie means a lot to women in sports.

“I was an athlete in college and high school, and I loved it," Tyler said. "It was a big part of my life but to know that for a lot of these women it was incredibly challenging to be a female athlete at the time. Just to see how far we’ve come as athletes, it’s incredibly inspiring.”

Actor Terry Crews was a part of one of the teams playing.

He said in his experience, movies like A League Of Their Own are more than just a sport movie.

“You know sports and entertainment are intertwined and when you talk about what it means to people," Crews said. "It’s much deeper than the sport itself. Here you have women who are playing baseball in World War II and the setting was phenomenal and the movie was incredible. It was no surprise to me that it would last.”

The over 1,000 fans were asked to wear superhero costumes to the game, making it the largest gathering of superheroes in Northwest Arkansas history.

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