Flavors – Fork and Crust Pie Company, We’re Back

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors today we are at Fork and Crust Pie Company Lori couldn’t keep us away let’s head inside and see what’s new!

“Pie just feeds your soul, I mean its therapeutic, it’s just family, pie is really family to me,” said Lori.

On our last visit we heard about how important pie is to Lori.

Now you get to hear from the frequent crustomers and what the pie means to them!

For Becca, the taste brought back comfort.

“I grew up with a love affair with pie in general and the second I tasted her key lime, I was like, I’m home,” said Becca Ford.

Robin found a home in pie as well, with Lori’s passion in every slice.

“Uses the best ingredients, she hand rolls out every crust, she loves interacting with her customers, so I think that’s what probably makes it so special, it’s just unique to any other shop I’ve ever been too,” said Robin Most.

And Rachel said the pie brought back memories.

“You get such a good portion size it’s so delicious, but it taste like, it takes like the way I remember pie should taste,” said Rachel Cox.

And Rachel said she loves sharing her favorite pie shop with her family.

“I’ve been able to introduce my children to the pies that I grew up on, coconut cream it just feels like going back home to my grandmas and my moms, said Rachel.

Lori even started a rewards card for Robin because she became such a pie connoisseur.

“I love talking to the customers when they come in and it’s just a really happy part of my day when I come by the pie shop,” said Robin Most.

Becca encourages others to have a slice and just sit, something magical is sure to come of it.

“Genuine conversation happens over delicious things like pie, if you haven’t tasted the crust of the pie, you are missing life,” said Becca.

And receiving a pie from Fork and Crust is a make from scratch gift.

“It’s special,” said Robin.

“I think pie is a relaxed way to say things are good all is well,” said Becca.

“If someone brings you a pie you feel loved,” said Rachel.

And Lori has made some new additions like her childhood favorite or her flavorful and unique scones, but the Pie Crustard has been all the rage and I couldn’t wait to taste this Fork and Crust sensation!

It starts with your choice of pie, Lori said the Coconut Cream is awesome.

Then ice cream...

“It’s not completely a shake we like chunks of the crumb or crust or the berry so you can get that,” said Lori.

“So we do the ice cream the pie, then more ice cream so that it blends.

Homemade whipped topping and you are ready to enjoy!

For this week’s Flavors I’m Megan Graddy

I think I mean need one delivered, like now!

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