59 Bypass In Poteau Shut Down After Semi Spills Chicken Byproducts Across Roadway

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POTEAU (KFSM) — A semi-truck carrying chicken byproducts overturned on Friday morning (May 12) blocking part of U.S. Highway 59 Bypass in Poteau.

The semi was heading north on the bypass around 5 a.m. when the driver over-corrected, which caused the truck to tip on its side and overturn, crews on scene said. Both lanes are blocked.

The chicken byproducts spilled across the highway, and crews are still working to remove them from the road. Crews on scene said the byproducts are causing a terrible stench.

The driver of the truck was not severely injured in the accident.

Crews estimated that it will take at least another few hours before the spill can be cleaned up and the roadway reopened.