Adventure Arkansas: War Eagle Cavern

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas , we went and discovered what was below the ground for our adventure by checking out the caves at War Eagle Cavern in Rogers.

The War Eagle Cavern is located on Beaver Lake and it’s a historical attraction that everyone should venture out to see!

“We’ve had anyone from Native Americans, to civil war soldiers, to outlaws, to moonshiners using this cave over the years,” said Guy

War Eagle Cavern had a bunch of tikes their earlier that day who loved the different adventure opportunities!

“They came down here and had fun in the cave, they did gemstone mining, they got to go on a nature hike, and they just had a blast,” said Guy.

“Their eyes light up they get real excited like, oh look what I found… it’s just really fun to watch the kids,” said Dan

“It’s one of the most educational and most unique field trips in my opinion,” said Guy.

“Anyone what wants to bring a pet can bring them in the cave, but they must be on a leash,” said Guy.

Although we didn’t see any bats, we still saw the entrance to their hang out!

The guide said there were probably several thousand bats up in the cave right now.

Dan said every tour is different depending on your guide…

“If you have a group that’s interested in the bats they can elaborate on them, sometimes people are more interested in the folk tales of the area or the history, you can change the tour according to the group that you are taking down,” said Dan.

And this adventure travels on both surfaces above and below the ground!

“It has formations you can see anywhere else, history you don’t find anywhere else, and just about everyone is able to come and do it,” said Guy.

They also have more intense hands on tours for those who want to get down and dirty in the cave exploring.

“Where in the US can you go and enjoy cave wildlife like this, there isn’t too many caves in the US that you can get up close and personal to bats,” said Dan.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy, Where Getting Lost Means Finding Fun.

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