Senator Tom Cotton Grants A Mother’s Request

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- In February, a mother stood up during a heated town hall meeting with Sen. Tom Cotton. She requested that he attend her son's Air Force commissioning. That woman was Valerie Harris.

"We almost didn't get in, we were kind of blocked out because there was so many people there and they finally let us in" Harris said.

She had been planing to find one of the congressman's aides to hand them a handwritten letter asking him to attend. But, when she got a chance to speak at the microphone she said she knew it was her opportunity to make her plea.

"I knew it would be an honor for him if he could have Senator Cotton speak at his commissioning,"

Well, the senator made good on his promise.

"As someone who wore the uniform myself it's always great to welcome young men and women into the armed forces of our country. It was one of the highlights of my day," Sen. Cotton said.

Harris' son Jeffrey Overdorf will be receiving his degree in engineering from the University of Arkansas during the Spring 2017 commencement.