Mother’s Day Spending At All-Time High

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- This Mother's Day, shoppers are expected to spend a total of $23.6 billion on gifts for the holiday, more than $2 billion more than last year according to the National Retail Federation.

"We should really appreciate our mothers and go the extra mile with our emotions and with dollar signs," Chris Lann, father said.

From flowers to little knick-knacks and everything in between, local businesses are seeing the expansion of gift-giving.

"We sold so much stuff," Jordan Newell, sales lead at BrickCity Emporium said. "We had lines backed up and we didn't schedule more people because we didn't think it was gonna be this crazy, but it was definitely crazier than we expected."

Some said social media is to credit for the drastic increase in gifts. Convenience is another reason shoppers said they searched for the perfect gift for mom.

"For a man, social media has definitely been a great impact," Lann said. "Technology has improved in just over a year. I think we've really been intact with social media, checking in online and with friends. That has really benefited us as men who spend money on our women and our mothers."

The local shops said they've tried to make it easier on shoppers who are searching for a gift.

"We have Mother's Day gifts kind of grouped up," Newell said. "It's easy to find."

But, regardless of how much is spent, fathers and kids said their special mom deserves the best.

"She takes care of us, she buys us food, she helps us get all we need for our lives," Kinley Ault, daughter said. "We never would've had fun without her."

"They take care of our beautiful children and help us and balance us as men," Lann said. "I think we should always appreciate mothers."

The National Retail Federation said people spend more on flowers for Mother's Day than any other holiday besides Christmas.

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