Flavors: Bruce Terri Drive-In, Carrying On The Family Legacy

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors, we visited Bruce Terri Drive-In at Barling, AR and they have been serving up great food since 1961!

That sizzle has been the common sound found at Bruce Terri for over 50 years.

Chuck Peacock co-owner with his wife, Terri, has hit the road with catering as well.

“We have two mobile kitchens that we can go out and cook catfish, BBQ, or steak in on site and we are kind of unusual in that aspect,” said Chuck.

Word of mouth travels fast when it’s filled with good food.

“From Fort Smith and we go all the way to Springfield Missouri and do open houses for companies,” said Chuck.

“We did a fundraiser for a club in Springfield and we did chicken wings for about 5,000 people,” said Chuck.

They can cater to any number or event.

“The common party size is between 50 to 500, is pretty common for us,” said Chuck.

And they are a firm believer in local support.

“I just believe in providing food from our American farmers,” said Chuck.

Back inside they were serving up daily specials, burgers, dogs, BBQ, and grilled chicken salad too!

And what’s a visit at Brue Terri without some ice cream?

“Well I’m more than happy to tell how this place got going, because I was a part of it,” said Wipf.

Longtime employee and customer, Alvetta Wipf was glad to share her experience too.

“It was a part of my life that I never want to forget, I learned a lot… school of hard knox,” said Wipf.

Terri and Chuck have instilled the same principles and hospitality as before.

“Well they treat me just like Bill and Peggy did, I mean I love them, they are like family,” said Alvetta.

The Peacock family is now carrying on the legacy Terri’s parents established.

“I’m proud to be a Peacock and we are proud to serve people,” said Chuck

“I always told Bill I’m the one that helped make you rich, cause we worked hard and we loved it,” said Wipf.

At Bruce Terri they know you by name, and know your order by heart.

Before leaving I had to use their walk-up window, just for old times’ sake!

Until next time, I’m Megan Graddy from Bruce Terri in Barling, AR.

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