Selling Soles Through Soul: U of A Grad Launches Vintage Shoe Business in Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Sometimes big dreams come in small packages and from humble beginnings.

Eric Jones, 21, recently launched a shoe business called Like Father Like Son Shoes in Fayetteville after graduating from the University of Arkansas in December.

Currently, Jones has a small operation out of his bedroom. That’s where Jones receives orders and boxes up his shoes to be shipped to customers.

Jones created his own designs from scratch by incorporating his own personal flair with what’s hot in the market. Then he promotes his products on social media through seamless videos and eye-catching photos.

"It's crazy how it feels to see your product on somebody's feet," said Jones.

It’s a rewarding feeling for him, but he admitted it has come with plenty of sacrifices and lifestyle adjustments.

Jones also had to face unexpected hardships in his life. He said he grew up in Helena, Arkansas, which is known for its shootings and robberies.

He also lost his biggest supporter, his mother, three weeks before he graduated college. Jones said his mother helped him get to where he is today by helping to fund his education over the years.

“She put her life into what I'm doing,” he said.

Therefore, Jones said he tries to capture his mother’s spirit with every shoe he makes. He said he attributes his career successes to her too.

In the future he has plans grow his company into one of the top male retailers in the country. Jones said he also wants to expand his business into female dress shoes.

But above the monetary success and notoriety, he wants to inspire and touch the lives of those who are having trouble finding their way.

Jones shoes can be found here.