Bella Vista Police Chief Retires After 39 Years In Law Enforcement

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) --  It's a bittersweet goodbye as Bella Vista Police Chief Ken Farmer calls it a career after 39 years of law enforcement.

Farmer started in Bella Vista in 1984 when the area was considered a subdivision under the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

"I think when I came out to work out here there were 8,000 people in town and of course it was not a city it was just a subdivision more or less," said Farmer, as he recalled some of his earliest memories during his retirement celebration.

Close friends, family and colleagues filled the American Legion in Bella Vista to send Farmer warm wishes and thank him for his unyielding service over the decades.

"He always has that calm demeanor, the ability to listen and to hear your point through," said Captain Tim Cook. He has worked alongside Farmer since the beginning of his career.

Before the retired chief finalized any retirement plans he made sure there was a solid plan in place for a new evidence room.

"We got it approved in the budget for this year and a facility is being built that will house our long-term evidence storage," said Farmer. The station can expect to see the facility complete by fall.

With his career behind him the retiree said he is looking forward to some much-needed family time.