Local Law Enforcement Recruits Graduate Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) — Several local law enforcement agencies had recruits successfully finished the 2017-A Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy to become law enforcement officers.

There were 44 law enforcement officers around the state who graduated, including two from Benton County, five from Washington County, and five from Fayetteville. The individuals spent 13 weeks studying and training to become law enforcement officers.

Benton County deputies Richard Surrette and Andrew Gregory completed the academy, according to a department Facebook post. Washington County deputies who passed are Byron Steffen Flickinger, Mitch Smothers, Justin Bocchino, Leigh Anne Brewer and Corporal Crhis Smith. Fayetteville graduates are Cody McAbee, Andrew Byrnes, Dylan Weisenfels, Deputy Chief of Police Mike Reynolds, Page Summers and Justin Harlan. Mitchell Hammons from Springdale Police Department also graduated.

Benton County deputy Gregory won second place overall in the firearms division. Washington County deputy Brewer took first place overall in academics, and deputy Bocchino was second place overall in physical fitness. Fayetteville officer Weisenfels earned the top award in physical fitness and third place overall in academics.

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