Infrastructure Study Could Bring Changes To Roads In Rogers

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ROGERS (KFSM)-- The city of Rogers will conduct an infrastructure study over the next year.

The city council approved the study to be done and it could not exceed more than $390,000.

Nathan Becknell, the city's engineer, said the last time the city did a study like this was in 2005.

He said that year they focused on congestion, but this year's study will look at congestion, safety and future growth.

In 2011, Becknell said the city approved a bond initiative that made the city about $120 million.

This study will give the city something to spend a small fraction of that money on.

The city hopes the study will show them certain things that they could change to help make the city better.

Becknell described some of the types of changes people may see once the study is over.

“Some examples you already see happening like Perry Road is under construction right now just east of the mall," Becknell said. "That’s a great example of a bond project. We just finished up Bellevue road, the addition of a bridge, widening a bridge over the interstate. We have also widened Monte Ne Road.”

Data for the study will not be collected until school is back in session.

Becknell said the traffic during the summer is a little different than the rest of the year.

The city wants to have accurate data of how traffic usually runs in case of an emergency.

The results from the study will not be ready until Spring of 2018.

At that time, Becknell said the city will then decide how to spend that bond initiative money.

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