Adventure Arkansas – Tick Safety For Summertime

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Memorial Day weekend has arrived so that means celebrating outside, for this week’s Adventure Arkansas we are at the Washington County Extension Office to learn about pesky ticks and how to keep them off!

Berni Kurz, Washington County Extension Agent Staff Chair, addresses the critters…

“In the Ozark Region the increase in ticks has been astronomical over the past number of years so to that we have not had a cold winter another reason is because we have so much wildlife,” said Kurz.

And the same goes for your animals too..

“Even with a dog and it having the oral treatment, check your dog,” said Kurz.

Kurz said preparation is key and the best clothing to wear.

“Long sleeved shirts, light colored cause they are easier to spot, then as well as long pants and then put the cuffs of your pants into your socks so they only have access to the outside of your clothes and not legs and body,” said Kurz.

Kurz also recommended a repellent…

“There is a DEET material and there is also a DEET free for those who are conscious with little kids maybe those that you want to put onto your skin,” said Kurz.

Kurz said to avoid vegetation while outside too!

“Ticks will look to hitch a ride at anything that wipes that vegetation, so stay clear of any vegetation and just stick to the trail,” said Kurz.

On my adventures you see the highlights, but the worst is always after… checking for ticks!

“Once you come back in from the adventure you need to check yourself and if it’s a long adventure check your self throughout the day,” said Kurz.

“A tick can transmit its disease in as little as four hours,” said Kurz.

And if you find a tick on you attached.

“Very gingerly pull them off with tweezers and place it into alcohol, then date the container so you can keep track of the bite in case you need to refer to a doctor for symptoms of fever or rash,” said Kurz.

And when you get those little boogers off don’t get rid of them…

“Come by the county extension office and get you a tick kit collect your specimens then you will actually bring it back to the county extension office where we will submit it to the lab for diagnostic work,” said Kurz.

But Kurz said don’t let the ticks keep you from being adventurous!

“I would not let ticks keep me inside, go and enjoy the outdoors just know that the ticks are out there as well… we can coexist, but just be safe,” said Kurz.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy, Happy Memorial Day!


Click here for a full Tick Presentation from the Washington Extension Office.

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