High Water Levels Could Ruin Holiday Plans At Beaver Lake

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BEAVER LAKE (KFSM) -- The threat of severe weather could ruin Memorial Day plans for people wanting to spend the weekend on the lake.

"You know any bit of rain we get it may go up, you know a little bit and they may have to open the gates. I know they've got one unit continuing to generate," Chief Park Ranger Michael Hurley said.

With water levels already peaking and parts of the park still covered in debris, he said he fears more debris will be pushed into the lake following severe weather.

"Boaters just need to be extra cautious a little more than maybe they normally would," Hurley said.

Horseshoe Marina Owner Kevin Callaghan said he still expects his docks to be empty, no matter what the weather is like.

"People have been planning this for a long time and people are not gonna break there plans for a little bit of rain and the waters up a little bit high, but we're seeing a lot of boaters rolling in right now so I think they are ready to hit it," Callaghan said.

He's owned the marina for the past 20 years and said experienced boaters are used to the lakes unusual conditions during this weekend.

For anyone planning to hit the water, the rangers ask that you take extra precaution and keep your eyes out for debris in the water ahead.

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