New Trend- Tattoos With Audible Ink

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You're looking at a sound wave tattoo, body art that talks.

To create them a California artist, Nate Siggard first uses a computer program to turn an audio clip into a waveform.

That image is then printed out and used as a stencil.

Once the ink is applied to the skin, he takes a picture using his app called, skin motion, that processes the tattoo and plays it back.

He said the majority of requests he's received so far are from people hoping to preserve the memory of a loved one.

Josh Gallner had a tattoo done that plays the voice of his father.

His late father passed away two years ago.

It's a recording of his dad talking about his long battle with cancer.

“You absolutely have to believe and once you have that belief and desire you can conquer anything.”  That is what the tattoo reads thanks to Siggard.

It's his best advice he gives to how to survive not only cancer but life,” said Gallner.

The creator said the idea behind the tattoos came after his girlfriend wanted a sound wave of their four month old baby saying, I love you.”

That's when he realized he could make it happen.

Now, there's a waiting list of people all ready for their own audio tattoo.

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