Flavors: 28 Springs, Siloam Springs Hidden Gem

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For this week’s Flavors we have found NWA hidden gem which has been tucked away in Siloam Springs, we visited 28 Springs a family ran business who is making a name for themselves throughout the region.

“We’ve become one of Siloam Springs best kept secrets, but we don’t want to be secret we want people to know that we are here and to come over,” said owner Shelley Simmons.

“It’s a real cornerstone  in our community I would say,” said frequent customer Morgan Scholz.

Their longtime customers are not shy about their favorite dining space in Siloam Springs either.

“I don’t think there is any place in NWA overall that has a better menu than this place,” said Gary Guinn.

28 Springs prides it’s self on serving local food and supporting local farmers.

“I mean it’s nice to have good local ingredients that taste good that have good clean flavors,” said  Executive Chef Kurt Plankenhorn.

To keep their menu fresh and vibrant with what’s in season they have an ever rotating menu.

“So that’s a real value of ethos of this restaurant which is why we love it, there is always something different and it always reflects what’s in season and you know what nature is producing,” said Scholz.

Siloam Springs residents love having something close to home!

“I’ve been here my whole life and just to have something like this in Siloam is a really big deal,” said Cammie Hevener.

“There is no need to go anywhere else; we have some really great places here.. this is one of the best,” said Guinn.

From their sharable appetizers like the avocado fries, to their turkey melt there is something for everyone at 28 Springs; even the picky eaters.

“Like if we come here they love the burger, there is a farm burger that my youngest daughter loves and my oldest daughter usually gets a burger as well,” said Hevener.

You will want to save room for dessert…trust me! With scrumptious options like homemade ice cream and buttermilk chocolate cake you will be looking for a reason to celebrate!

They even have a trivia night for a casual night of fun and food!

“Again just a great time with good food and drink and people that you love; and the conversation that happens naturally around good food and drink is just a wonderful thing that is facilitated in this type of ambient atmosphere,” said Scholz.

And they want you to come join them on the fun!

“If you want to experience one of the best places in NWA, you need to come here give it a try,” said Guinn.

“Please come try us, come over with the kids for lunch on Saturday grab a burger and some beer or one of our cocktails… come for dinner bring a date bring some friends and make an evening of it,” said Simmons.

For this week’s Flavors, I’m Megan Graddy

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