Walmart Shareholders Meeting Brings More Business

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- It’s Walmart shareholders week and that means thousands of associates from around the world will be coming to Northwest Arkansas for the annual shareholders meeting.

Maria Fernanda Friz came all the way from Chile. She said everything from touring Walmart home office to the Walmart Museum has been great.

“We are enjoying this experience and we are trying to keep this experience to show it to our friends in Chile,” she said.

Businesses on the Bentonville square said in years past they’ve seen an increase in business during shareholders week and they expect the same this year.

General manager of The Station Cafe, Mistie Ward said breakfast is busy but it slows down during the day and then picks back up at night.

“We get such a difference of opinions when they come to visit because you know they don’t necessarily have the same things that we have here. So we get to experience what it’s like for them to have what we offer,” Ward said.

Megan Steed manages the Onyx Coffee Lab and said she enjoys all the visitors because their coffee culture is often different from ours.

“We kind of get to express our creativity through our coffee and then they get to see that and participate in that with us. So it’s been really fun to interact with them and explain some different things about our coffee and where it comes from,” Steed said.

About 13,000 people are expected to attend the Walmart Annual Shareholders' Meeting this Friday (June 2).

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